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Originally Posted by Zulithe View Post
I recently had to do a full round of password changes after a similar compromise at Gawker Media a few months ago. Now, back at stage one doing it over again... thanks, Winamp.
read the terms of service, and privacy policy before blaming winamp

Originally Posted by Zulithe View Post
It is unreasonable to expect people to use a unique password for each and every website.
sure, it may be unreasonable ... but winamp can't be held accountable for poor internet practices by users

Originally Posted by Zulithe View Post
Regardless, in this day and age it is suicide for a trusted site to not properly protect valuable data like this. I do so hope it doesn't happen again.
seriously? it was winamp forum that was compromised. the vulnerability is in the forum software = vBulletin.

I can guarantee there are thousands of chinese and russian spotty teens working on hacking vbulletin one handed whilst I'm typing this

build a more secure forum, someone somewhere will hack it eventually

welcome to the internet, you must be new

Is it just me or are shoutcast users getting dumber?
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