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Originally Posted by bur2000 View Post
haha jaromanda, before I even looked at this thread I knew thered be a sorry sod who'd fight to death for "his" precious company. Winamp messed up on this one period. Now maybe you should stop crying and accusing others of being chickens while you are a company loving sheep...

PS: I just saw you're from AU. That sheep comment was't meant racist...
Sheep thing is New Zealand and I aint fighting to the death for winamp ... I'm fighting to the death for common sense
Originally Posted by labratofel View Post
Why worry about accidental racist connotations when his signature is completely racist anyway?
My signature is factual
Originally Posted by osmosis View Post
labratofel: French people aren't a race, but you're right, it is offensive, and was clearly changed to goad Kaminari (who is from Paris).

bur2000: Llamas aren't sheep.
goad Kaminari? the french knuckle made threats beyond his station ... he should expect a little fun at his expense

Is it just me or are shoutcast users getting dumber?
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