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Originally Posted by garetjax View Post
Upload them the preview you provide is actually scaled to fit the dimensions of each pafe showing a preview of the skin..
Mmmm.. "scaled" is not actually the word, it's stretched, it doesn't just fit the witdth or height (which would be good), it shrinks (down) to a different proportion to make it fit. If my main preview is too wide or too tall it looks bad on the thumbnails. I took the measures and now I know 387x475px is a good preview size to ensure it's visibility (if it's bigger it will be covered by the Description panel bg and won't look cool on mobile version either).
You can see all I mention with the previews of my last skin (cPro Styler) against one of the first ones (cPro Venus Alpha). It's all in the screenshot above in fact.

Anyway, the thing is I will have to do new preview pics (I kept all my promo pics, but it's a different proportion hehe..), and then I'll upload the rest. I'm thinking about doing something extra to each skin so it's sort of an "exclusive 1001 version"... (probably extra Color themes will do..)
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