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Hi garetjax,

The new 1001Skins site design looks good and assuming it is still being tweaked, I have a couple of comments.

The panel at the top of the home page that repeatedly scrolls thru 5 featured skins has a couple of usability problems, imo.

When the panel is moused over, the forward and reverse controls appear and the one on the left blocks easy access to the author profile button making it difficult to select, since the panel keeps scrolling until 1 of the scroll controls or 1 of the 1st 3 buttons is clicked (which initiates the applicable action). Clicking on the 4th button (number of downloads) does nothing, so it probably should not appear as being click-able. Elsewhere on the home page and on the Skins Gallery page, this button functions as a 'back to the top of page' control (which is helpful, but unexpected).

Clicking 1 of the scroll controls causes the automatic scrolling to stop on the appropriate next or previous skin, but then I have to use the controls to get back to the skin whose author profile I wanted to select (and maneuver around the scroll control to select it). Moving the scroll controls down to the bottom of the panel would be a better location for them.

Once the automatic scrolling is stopped, it doesn't start again until the page is refreshed (either by going to another page and returning or using the web browser's reload page control). I think it would be better if the auto-scrolling stopped when the panel is moused over and restarted when the mouse is moved away.

These issues could be due to the browser I'm using (Pale Moon 64-bit v25.0.2). Is the site best viewed with a particular browser? Anyway, I'm still exploring the site, but everything else I've looked at works great and seems to respond faster than before.

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