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Updates - 11/3/2014 0136 UTC/GMT
  1. Panel - Updated
  2. Slider - Updated
  3. Changed - PageIndexer
  4. Updated Gallery
  5. Mouseover - Pause on Hover
  6. Download Count - Moved to badge of Name on Gallery
  7. HTML Fixes
  8. Tightening Controls
  9. Reducing Overhead
  10. Adding in new profile settings

Site Skin Submission
  • Live Preview System to submit Site Skins (Bootstrap themes)
  • Marketplace (more on that later)
  • Paypal/ePay (See above)

Skin Site Engine
  • Unpacks Skin (Winamp 2/5)
  • Generates Running Screenshot
  • Validates Some Controls (this is a biatch)
  • XML for WAL/WMC/CPRO Skins are read and comments are attributed to the skin in LuceneIndex (search)
  • RGB Color Profiler is matches to a primary tagging (this is a hybrid convert to sRGB and Analyze color profile of graphic)
  • Name Read from ZIP/WSZ/WAL/WMC Skin packs (using xml)

Why? Well, honestly you should only have to submit the file at some point in the future and the site will read all data if it can; and show you the validated information. Based upon its finding you will be able to review the submission or just one-click done.

Skins passing the Skin Site Engine will be auto pushed and eventually be available via (web-service for polling specific skins ie <-- not yet working for public).

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