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Originally Posted by garetjax View Post
Got the folders traversed within the skin...however, cannot open Zip within Zip (or wsz/wal within zip). If you must have them both then upload them both...doesn't hurt me or the server and link to each other...or something.

Otherwise users get the following message:

This package contains multiple skins and cannot be verified for packaged content. Use at your own risk or suggest the skin author; submit each skin by itself.
It's ok, I realized it wasn't meant like this, I'll prepare a separate upload later.
So far, the current / zipped upload was fine, I'd add a post-page message confirming the upload was succesful or directly showing the newly created page (this is something carried from the previous system).
The preview isn't upscaling right now, but I guess it's the system being "on the works".
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