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Currently, the skin gallery shows the smaller image, and then you get a bigger image when you click on the details for that skin.

I'm still working on that 'scaling'; there is supposed to be an auto scale associated with the position of the viewer.

I will make this a bit better. On the 'Post Preview' after upload...I will likely only tell you it was successful or not. Really, can't show you the data as technically it hasn't really posted until you leave the page..then, I have a triggered event to move it 'where' skins are provided.

1001Skins uses handler files for the following:
Skin Images
Skin Files
Skin Uploads
Skin Engine
Skin Rating (Currently, this process is a bit clunky and will eventually be a json post once I've finished the engine and page displays).

This has an added benefit of allowing me to extend those functions while not breaking the core code and build up things like the skin engine, file downloader and etc.

I've adjusted the scaling as best as possible...The unity screenshot for example is 387x475; should be good.

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