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No...and yes.

No, I haven't rolled out an update....The problem with having a heavily used site is that there are people that go there and try to do things that they shouldn't.

Cross Site Scripting has become an issue and there are pages on the site that currently were targeted. This is one of them; No information was pulled, no secure data was leaked however, the pages that are heavily used are now suffering as a result of some lazy coding on my part.

I have a major update coming soon that will address this and many other 'issues'; though, the biggest change is one for the cross site scripting issue.

A slightly smaller though, still just as big is membership roles, membership users. I am updating to use a more secure user model rather than a static table of users. I am having to roll one by one each user into the new membership model (like yours). Until this is complete and tested on my development server I am not going to be able to update the code.

I will likely release the test site to soon; and test the account migrations once I have released it; once I am sure that the account migrations and new membership system behaves like the old one; then I will move to production.

I am aware this is frustrating and attempting to go as fast as I can; however, until then I will look into doing perhaps, a minor change to the site to at least make that page responsive; as it should be.

Updated 12:16 12:29:38 GMT -6:00

I've forced an overflow-y:auto; for the html main element; that should enable scrolling for all browsers that are affected. This should at least alleviate the usage issue.

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