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1001Skins Update - 01/02/2015
  1. Membership Model (IdentityModels)
  2. BundleConfiguration
  3. Compiled CSS/JS
  4. Updated Bootstrap
  5. Single Source Pages
  6. Migrated to new WebForms (MVC)
  7. Updated Scripts
  8. Cleaned Up the code
  9. Removed XSS Possibilities
  10. Improved Page Speed

New Features:
New Search - has been put into play; though it is still a beta and likely not nearly complete. I have a few more things to work on in order to get it's full functionality.

The new skin system is nearly ready as well. Authors, will be able to click convert their Winamp Skin (Classic) to get it as a WMC Modern. Average, file size's are smaller by half for the WMC Versions!!!!).

More Soon.

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