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Fusion AMPdeck readable update

I love Fusion AMPdeck but its color scheme for the Winamp Library makes the library almost unreadable:

Click image for larger version

Name:	ampdeck-hard-to-read.png
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Dear Wildrose-Wally, will you consider updating Fusion AMPdeck with more contrasting text background and font colors for better readability, please?

I have experimented with several background color - font color combinations and found that a color scheme like this would both match the playlist and library colors with Blayde's main window colors and enhance readability:

Click image for larger version

Name:	ampdeck-readable-colors.png
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The normal text background and font colors of the playlist and the library are taken from Blayde's text.bmp. To enhance readability, the text background color of selected items is a lighter shade of the normal text background color rather than a lighter shade of the font color. The font color of the currently played item is a very light, whitish shade of orange/brown.

I have also played around with the colors of other library window components but those above are the most important changes to enhance readability.

I am attaching the modified pledit.txt and genex.bmp in case you find them useful in a readability-enhanced update of your Fusion AMPdeck skin:


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