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I've got my hands full...though, I if I recall ... I actually, started on it...

Yes, I have the base image...but, its just a blank version w/ a readme in the folder....

Author: Ned Decca
Skin: Rasta (forever this thing...)
Offered to make skin, had some ideas; love the multi-color version and want to make this thing...

Added 04122013: wonder, if it could be a wmc with full png anims; maybe maybe not...still waiting on the go ahead from ned. This damned skin needs to be made...I almost decided to just start it in case he gives the go this point...I have little production and really need to work on a skin...just nothing idea wise...back to deaddreamer wmc...(smh)

Added 08122015: still no word from ned; selfish ass...let me finish this...please; at some point i hope he responds...secretly, but I won't bother him until he is done.

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