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Good man StillWater, may you always run deep.
Nodding to the past is always a giggle, even if you are the only one that knows !

I am part of the Chaotic Dreams team that made the Quake2 and Unreal Tournament mod "Chaos", and the new UT4 version will feature easter eggs, and to be honest they can be more fun brainstorming than the actual kit, because you get to throw "why?" out of the window.

Actually my mind goes back to a game that could use Winamp if you had it.
I never tried it, but the God-game "Black & White" had a plugin that made the game listen or talk to Winamp.
I believe the villagers and your creature would now dance to your music.
Maybe you could have something like that, maybe have the plant life react to music or the background creatures ?
Who knows, it may persuade Winamp users to get more personally interested

Mashups ? Smells like a lot of "Fishy Business" to me.
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