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I had thought, the website of "Spotiamp" wouldn't exist anymore...

I myself refuse to do online-banking, no credit card, no PayPal and also no debts because of hackers. I have or I had a free account on Spotify, and I had used only the Spotify Web Player in Firefox & Chrome, because I refused to install the Spotify-Software on my computers.

Offline I cannot see my profile and my main playlist anymore:
And the other link does not work anymore:
Okay, if there are some other Spotify-Users in the forums, maybe they can answer, if my profile still exists or if it has been deleted. I have read, that Spotify keeps the rights to delete also a user-account without telling the reason, why.

And I really hope, that Spotify will not buy SoundCloud. Then Frank and I could lose also our SoundCloud-Accounts soon. SoundCloud should be still independent, especially for us little musicians and for the Creative Commons Artists & Netlabels...

About Your questions, mike-db: Maybe someone else can answer here in Your thread. I wish You good luck...

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