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DJ tag bug legacy v1.
Old source clients (ex. sc_trans) to update current song execute "admin.cgi?pass=xxx&mode=updinfo&song=songname" without "dj" argument (is understandable). If "dj" argument is empty or not set, the <DJ></DJ> tag is removed from the stats (https://x.x.x.x:8000/stats). I use password format: dj name:xxx:#1

Please fix it.

Changes from 2.0.0 build 29 to 2.2.0 build 107:
(16th October 2013)

Added 'Stream DJ' (if known) on the stream admin pages as well as <DJ/> in all statistics for getting the current DJ of the connected source (more formal specification than fiddling the IRC / AIM / ICQ values as used with 1.x DNAS setups)

Added 'dj' parameter to the 'updinfo' action to allow for scripted updating of the 'DJ' reported for a stream (useful for legacy source software)
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