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Originally Posted by jcnyct View Post
Does anyone have a solution/fix for the endless buffering/interruptions with SHOUTcast v2.5.0.715?

I recently moved to shoutchast V2 but it's been a disaster. I created a shoutcast v2.5.0.715 stream but it stops and goes all day long - I setup my previous shoutcast V1 stream to relay from shoutcast V2 stream and it works fine. However, every time you connect to the shoutcast V2 stream it's full of interruptions

thanks for any help
Me too

It sounds similar to the known issue point 3 on however that says it should be fixed in the current release.
It also says it only happens with v2 clients and sources. In my case its happening no matter if its a v1 or v2 source and with both types of client.
It doesn't happen to every single connection, but does happen to most.
You see the client connect, gets a little data in the buffer then pauses. After 30s the connection drops and the tiny bit in the buffer is played.
I don't know if it help but the source is sc_trans, so may or not be related, can the other posters cesarlwh and jcnyct confirm if they are using sc_trans?
I haven't yet but if necessary I could try other combinations of source and try and find a pattern?
Shoutcast v1 is fine and so is an old v2 version I have

For now it basically makes this v2.5 unusable, and the v1 server (and older v2.2) isn't supported by Chrome any more. I've currently got a relayed patched v1 server which is doing the job, but its obviously not the ideal solution!

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