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qgazq, the issue on point 3 was related to the using of sc_trans as source with v2 protocol and winamp als client. On this time it has worked with other native players like VLC and MediaPlayer. The Workaround was to force sc_trans to use the v1 protocol - not more. The same issue was highlighted with SAM brocaster with v2 protocol.

If you tried to to switch both protocols in sc_trans and you are still getting the same issue, then I guess this is not familar with point 3. But I guess the real issue is sc_trans because it was never moved out of the BETA status before the official support was closed some years ago. sc_trns has a lot of ugly bugs. I worked with it 4 years and after more and more issues I have decided to switch completely to Liquidsoap with a amazing result - related quote: "...but the learning curve is steep."
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