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The migration is complete; and we have moved the content to use wordpress with a few additional features.

All users migrated, passwords are gibberish; users wishing to re-access their accounts will have to click forgot password to login; and an email will be generated; with a link to change your password and activate your account.

Forums are built into the site itself.

We also, have a built capacity for users to submit new designs, skins and etc. Directly, into wordpress with a featured image, the skin file and etc. All posts are subject to review; users can submit their post in any single category.

Ratings and Comments are encouraged and set for all users.

Search is based upon lucene (spoken speech language); and integrated completely with the site.

Many other features are built in and too many to speak of.

While currently, accessible through > it will redirect you to the new sub and will eventually replace the existing site. I have them running in parallel to offer easy migration from the old to the new.

Direct access to the old site is disabled. Hot linking is soon to be disabled; organic links are ok.

There you have it .... and soon the old site (at some point in the near future will have no more traces left).

I am excited to have released this new version and hope that you all enjoy it.


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