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As with all things: changes.

The new website does not use the the same format, or the same url patterns by design. This was a deliberate choice. The old site was being used to share 'bad' information, 'bad' downloads and indeed was a constant battle to keep running while over the last year I was working on migrating all content to a standardized system.

That system being wordpress. While I understand that the site is now completely overhauled, well that is the nature of the web always in a state of flux. My old website links do not work and do not point to the same files.

Hot-linking, cold-linking, external links are not going to stay the same forever; I am unlikely to reverse engineer the link pattern in order to route to the correct skin as they were fundamentally flawed.

All 1001skins links that follow the pattern of: {pagetypes}/{action}/{route}/{file}/{id} are not in the new site; they won't be in the new site and will never again be apart of the site.

We have moved; we have updated; we are on wordpress.

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