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Media Library Not Showing on start up


I have been using winamp for ages now and since the release of Windows 7, I guess, I noticed that most of the times the Media Library will not show automatically on winamp start up. It doesn't seem to be a database/plugin related problem because if i hit Alt+L or go to menu View/ML, it shows up flawlessly. Very few times, this problem doesn't occur though.

This problem is being repeated for ages now (even though only now I have decided to troubleshot it), through several windows installs (win7, XP, Server 2008 and even Win8).

I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but I always choose the same basic configs. I choose modern skin and I move the windows around so winamp will occupy the whole screen. Winamp main window at the right hand top side (with equalizer enabled), the playlist window bellow it, and the ML window resized to occupy the rest of the screen (at the left hand side).

I also know that winamp has/had some compatibility issues with one of the features of the TeamViewer program. Even though it's installed, this particular feature (Quick Connect Button) is turned off and TeamViewer is not even set to be launched at windows start up.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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