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Offline Lyric Database

Okay, simply put, I first of apologise if this is the wrong section, but i couldn't for the life of me figure out which one to place this in.

I've been searching for days for a simple application for Windows that is simply an offline program that allows me to say for example:

Creat a group, named by the artist Disturbed.
Allow me to create subpages, by the name of each song,
and in each of those subpages allow me to input lyrics.

It's not necessarily disturbed mind, but i'm sure you get the picture.

What i really want is an offline, lyric database program in which I can add my own lyrics

To be honest it doesn't even have to be originally designed for lyrics, just so long as i'm able to do a similar thing..

Can anyone give me a hand with this? I've been searching for days, so either i can't find one, or my searching skills are truly awful..
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