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SHOUTcast Streaming Service: FAQ

Streaming & Monetization support resources

Browse this forum for helpful information about setting up and running your SHOUTcast Streaming & Monetization products. If you are an existing station and have a specific question about your stream(s), please do not post your question here. Instead send an email to so one of our technicians can effectively address your issue. General inquiries may be directed to Thanks!


How to trigger your ads?

It's required that you include a pair of two-minute stopsets each hour in your programming for us to insert the commercials. This provides the revenue that your station will receive for being a part of the SHOUTcast Streaming Service (aka: SCSS).
These stopsets must occur between :15 and :30 past the hour for the first stopset and again between :45 and the top of the hour for the second one. If you have additional stopsets within your programming, that is fine, however your listeners will likely hear PSA’s and comps instead of commercials.

To activate each stopset of ads, all you need to do is schedule a pair of 2 minute MP3 files with the tag "Advert:" in the artist and title sections. Note that the audio in your MP3 file will be heard by folks in countries that don't have ads running. However the audio from the MP3 will be covered by ads in the US, several European countries - anywhere your station is being monetized. What that means is that you should put audio in the file(s) that you would want people to hear if they're not hearing ads at that time. You can make the MP3 any way you want, but the ID3 tags will have to be correct to fire the ads and generate your revenue.

Once the metatada from the two-minute file is received by our servers, the system injects a unique set of two minutes of targeted ads for each of your listeners. The metadata to activate the ads is "Advert:" (without the quotes) in both the Artist AND Title fields.
Note that the advertising server is case sensitive, so make sure to use a capital “A” and the colon at the end!

A sample advert mp3 file is attached to this post.
Note how the length is 120 seconds (2:00) and both the Title and Artist tags say Advert:

See also:

Tutorial: How to Trigger Ads


How to setup your fallback file?

One of the important features of the SHOUTcast Streaming Service is the ability to upload an Auto DJ fallback file which will play in the event the connection from your encoder is lost temporarily (due to power outage, internet issue, etc). The file will instantly start playing for your listeners if the servers stop receiving audio from you. It will continue to play and repeat until we receive a reliable signal from your encoder once again.

To activate this function, go to your settings at
In the "Streams" tab, click on your stream and you'll see: "Fallback File -> Set Fallback".

To upload a backup file here (we suggest at least an hour in length), click the "Choose File" button, browse to and select the backup file, then click the "Save" button. During the upload process, there is no "progress bar", but your browser should show the upload process at the bottom of your screen. Do not navigate away from the page during the upload process.

The format and bitrate of the fallback file needs to be exactly the same as your stream for it to work & play properly.
So if the station is configured as MP3 @ 128 kbps, then the Fallback File must also be MP3 @ 128 kbps (44.1 KHz, stereo).

After you have successfully uploaded the file, please wait a while (~15 minutes) before testing. Listen to the stream while you disconnect your encoder. The Fallback file should play automatically. When you reconnect the encoder, the stream will return to regular programming.

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