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Originally Posted by ulysse31 View Post
Unfortunately, the new stream is not listed where it should be : Classic R&B whereas my station is Classical and Soundtracks and it is a big problem : I can't stop my old servers because these ones are correctly listed and people can find them easily !!

DrO, could you correct the problem of the genre ? There was a post about this a few months ago… I hope it's possible !
it's because you've got 4 different genres specified and in what i'm able to see 'Soundtracks' is the last of the 4 (which currently implies the least important genre to pick from the ones provided after it's been matched up to the SHOUTcast genres).

we have to finish determine what will be done about SHOUTcast and genre support as it's the biggest point of mis-match between the Radionomy and SHOUTcast platforms as they support up to 5 genres and 1 genre only respectively (at the time of this reply).

either way, i've now changed the genre on the SHOUTcast hosted stream and it should be showing by the time i finish this reply. for your existing servers, the only way with that old version of the DNAS is to only have the genre specified as 'Soundtracks' in the source connected / feeding the streams.
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