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There are issues the CDN partner cannot fix.

Yes there are issues my CDN partner cannot fix and I will need you to do it.
My station name and genre aren't correct. This used to be real simple. Shoutcast v1 would take the input from the encoder and it would be on the server. Now I have to kiss somebody's arse to get it done on my behalf. My CDN partner also said that he has to ASK YOU to make changes to the server. He is not permitted to make changes.

I've been broadcasting on shoutcast since 2004. Not from the beginning but long enough. Other than getting ripped off by many stream hosting companies it's been a smooth sail since I've been with nexuscast. I am one of the larger broadcasters on here, and I was contacted in September to come on board with Radionomy, because I was one of the larger broadcasters. I was told everything would be ready to roll November 1st. It is now 45 days later and I've missed 45 days of revenue. I gave the idea to nexuscast to partner with you because the CEO was so arrogant and I didn't want to deal with him.

Nexuscast switched me over to a special version of shoutcast for radionomy and it used up so much of his resources it crashed every server in the rack. I had to go back to 2.4.2.

With all this being said.. I need your help and please fix my problem:
the title of the stream should read.. - WJAZ.DB The World's Smooth Jazz Destination Since 2004

Genres: Jazz, Smooth Jazz, R&B, Funk, Soul, Chill, Lounge
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