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no automatic play after change song informations

I have changed the Informations of some Songs in my Library, but after that winamp doesn't start to play them when it should start. I always have to click on play bevore I can here them. Winamp starts the other songs automatically. It is unimportent whether they are mp3 or wma or something else. I'm using Winamp v 5.24.

I've seen "Random crashes when editing ID3 tags" in the Bug-Report-List, but it doesn't seem to describe my problem. It's unimportent whether I've activatet Shuffle or not and it althow doesn't play with wma and it's no real crash, it just doesn't play.

Can somebody help me? It doesn't make a lot of fun, if I always have to click on the play button if a song is over and the next doesn't start.
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