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No. I've my playlist. Now I'm srarting one song. Winamp is playing the song until it is over. Then Winamp should start the next song in my playlist, but if it is an song, where I've edited the Infos he doesn't play the song. I'm using the MMD3 Skin, but I've the problem althoug with the Modern skin.

My Options are:
--- Double Click or Enter Options ---
Double click or Enter in the Library: [Plays selected item(s)]
[x] Play all items (start with selected) on double click in playlists
[x] Play search results (start with selected) on double click in media views

--- Column ... ---

--- Advanced Library Preferences ---
[x] Media Library uses same font as Playlist Editor
[ ] Main Window lightning bolt opens Media Library instead of About Box

Ich habe an diesen Einstellungen auch nach der Installation nichts geändert.
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