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@JonnyMac: 'Manual playlist advance' isn't checked.
@Early Devil: What is the ML-Button?

I'm sorry, that I can't discribe it an better way. But I try it once more. So, what did I do? I've played some Songs, but their Informations was wrong. So I clicked in the Playlist with the right mousebutton on the song and chose "Dateiinformationen anzeigen" (in English it have to be something like "show file informations"). Then I've changed them and klicked on save. That were MP3 and wma (Windows Media Audio) files, so not only ID3. So the informations are correkt. Now I'm going on using Winamp. Normally Winamp plays all the songs. If the first song ends, Winamp plays the next song and if that song ends it plays the song after it. But he doesn't start some songs. It starts with 0:00 and some seconds later it's 0:00, too, and I can't hear anything. he only changes to the next song, but doesn't start to play it. I'm not absolutely sure, that this is so, because I've changed the information, but at a lot of songs it could be, because I remember that I've changed their information. They also doesn't play on (one) double click. I need always two double clicks to play them.
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