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Originally Posted by lostinsound View Post
Nowhere did I ever come close to saying that the way I do things is the only way or that everyone should do it. BP said he had to manually type in the Album Artist every time, and I was surprised by that because I've never had to do that with the way I have it set up. I was just hoping for a discussion and to try and better understand what others are doing to see if I'm missing something.
yes, but you shouldn't have been surprised, knowing that you had changed it then. and when I tried to explain that's not how EAC is supposed to work, which explains why that was not kosher for me and BP, you disagreed. (meaning you insisted "CD Artist" is AA in post 19, and for me and BP and all other default users, which is what I was explaining, it isn't, and further is NOT supposed to be).

at this point, we start to go round in circles.

Originally Posted by lostinsound View Post
If anything, you've been making me feel like the way I do things is somehow inferior because it's not the DEFAULT EAC functionality. "Default" is not equivalent to "intended purpose". I really am not concerned with the default settings of EAC, I'm concerned with making my use of EAC as streamlined and efficient as I can for my purposes.
actually, I've gone to great lengths to say there is nothing wrong with your way. what I do object to, and have already illustrated above, is you making customizations, and then using them to justify "CD Artist" should be what makes AA values/tags; BUT that is not the case without said customizations, esp given that AA tags already would exist as "CD Performer" in all formats, not just FLAC.

in your first post you describe your custom setup, and them seem perplexed that BP and I don't see the same behavior, and so you ask what exactly we're referring to... but that would have been clear to someone in a default setup, which I then tried to explain.

now, clearly default IS = to intended purpose, esp in this case. you could set CD Artist / %albumartist% to write to the COMMENT tag, but that would not be the intended purpose, even tho you can do it.

the way Andre set it up to work on a new install is not just a default, but also the INTENEDED way it is meant to be used. otherwise, WHY would it be setup that way??? is it NOT intended to be used that way? is it setup, by default, to be used in a way that is unintended? no, of course not. now, i'm not saying its the only way, or even the only valid way, but it clearly is the default intended way. that is beyond rational question.

Originally Posted by lostinsound View Post
When I said it wasn't true, I was talking purely about functionality, and was trying to state that the CD Artist field was not useless if you have it set up the way I do. You made it sound like it was useless under all circumstances and I was just trying to point out that wasn't true. That's all I was saying.
I never said or implied it was useless under all circumstances. I said it does NOTHING on comp CDs in a default setup, which is true.

in your second post you say this:

If you look at the Filename tab under EAC options it says this:

%artist% - Track artist
%albumartist% - CD artist

So CD artist is the album artist
that sounds like beyond "just functionality in your setup," but rather justification for your customization in the first place. in other words, you are taking just a descriptive mapping, and the terms used, and saying that then has to equal the tag written. but that just isn't so.

as I have illustrated clearly now, this is NOT TRUE in a DEFAULT EAC setup, vis a vis WRITING TAGS. it just isn't. you changed EAC to make it true via cmd line, but that's a situation that only applies to you and others like you. anything wrong with it? no. valid? certainly. but what you can't say is that CD Artist is SUPPOSED to be an AA tag, when it ISN'T without your customization, just b/c of the filename mapping chart.

FreeDB doesn't call the value AA either. its just the first text in DTITLE. Andre could just as easily have had that map to CD Performer in the gui, instead of CD Artist. or send it to both, maybe by pref! but that doesn't change what FreeDB calls it.

likewise, he could have set CD Artist to be %albuminterpret% and CD Performer to be %albumartist% but that doesn't mean this is that or that is this, etc.

just fyi, the reason its like this to begin with is that EAC has evolved over time. CD Performer didn't use to exist in the GUI at all. CD Artist was there, and has always, ttbomk, mapped to %albumartist%

so, when Andre later introduced "CD Performer" he created %albuminterpret% for it, b/c he wanted to leave the legacy mapping stuff in place (meaning unchanged to what it linked to in the GUI). I would have changed it, but he's the dev, not me.

as I said to start, I find what EAC does counterintuitive and confusing. but it is the reality.

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