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Posts: 1,665 is a good file transfer site. I use it for huge things. You don't need to supply the email addresses if you don't want to as you are also handed a link. Click the little icon next to the TRANSFER button to swap to getting a link. No dodgy adverts either. I've sent 1.5Gb video files around with this service.

They have had my email address for over a year and no spam on it. It is only used to tell you when your files have been downloaded. is another one often used. Neither need registration.

MrS - are you sure you would trust a software algorithm to trim silence from that many tracks? Automatically - without really being able to check the results?

Unless there is a really obvious pattern to your extra silence on your tracks, I would have thought you are going to get a few "odd" results. Wouldn't it be safer to just deal with the few concept albums and concerts that gapless is important to, and leave the rest?

I did have to laugh earlier when I saw some post on Amazon about the MP3s that have been sold of Dark Side of the Moon. It looks like Amazon added gaps to the rips... either that or the posters complaining have rubbish MP3 players.

Is "adding gaps" a standard thing?
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