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Exporting Playlists - Doesn't export all songs!

Okay, so I've synced my iTunes to Winamp. I've synced the playlists to Winamp. I've synced those playlists to the microSD which goes into my phone. Then I've exported the playlists to the microSD.

Everything seems to work fine. The phone reads all the music, and shows the playlists. However, for some reason, not all the songs are in the playlists. One playlist is meant to have over 700 songs; only 140 are in it. Another is meant to have 74; it only has 42. All the songs are in the playlists being exported from Winamp, and all the songs are on the microSD that has the exported .pla files.

Any idea why the playlists don't show all the songs, even though the phone reads the files fine (they're all mp3s), and they're in the playlists in Winamp when they get exported?
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