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There is definately some type of connection issue but it might be on a different "route" to the internet than you're seeing.

Say you have a server in Dallas and you traceroute to it through your ISP, through Level3 and to the provider. You see no issues. On the other end is a listener in LA. They connect from PacBell through Aleron and to your provider. Aleron has a bad router and it's dropping packets between the listener and your server. You don't see the problem but from the listener end you do.

Anytime you see this: [yp_tch] error connecting to theres a problem because for a full 20 minutes your server was unable to communicate with the YP and probably listeners at the same time.

I would look closely at the provider and do traceroutes from several endpoints from a site like (us and overseas) to see where the issue is as you might not be able to see it from your location but can from others.

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