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I've deïnstalled the audioscrobbler .dll. My language pack is Dutch, I couldn't find where to change it, but it seems like if either were the cause, the problem would be far more common. I play the music directly from the c:\ disk, which consists of 2 1TB disks in RAID 0 and is recently defragmented.

In the recent past I did have some trouble playing .flac files with winamp (which it was supposed to play without addition) so I installed a third party plugin to play em. That did work, except it wouldn't scrobble the .flac songs. But that cause should be excluded because of the total reïnstall of winamp, right? .flac files play fine now, btw.

Other than that my computer is pretty new and fast and hardly ever has any problems, let alone related one's.

For completeness I have also added the new One for Nuns list.

Edit: This didn't solve the problem.
BTW: I subscribed to the thread, so from now on I'll respond a bit quicker.
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