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My custom visualization does not work in version 5.601, but did work in 5.56

I created a visualization (vis_DL4.dll) and have been using it in version 5.56, by simply copying it to the plugins folder. However, after installing WinAmp 5.601 on a different system, and copying this same vis_DL4.dll into the plugins folder on that system, it does not appear in the dropdown when selecting visualizations. I used the Borland utility (tdump.exe) to verify the exported entry points of my DLL vs. other visualization DLLs, which DO appear & can be selected & used in this version. Mine & others export "winampVisGetHeader". Mine also exports "___CPPdebugHook", which I do not see in the others. But this was not a problem with my prior version of WinAmp (5.56).

I have also tried completely uninstalling WinAmp, WinAmp Toolbar, and WinAmp Plugin Detector, rebooting, & re-installing WinAmp. Did not matter. To be sure, I then downloaded the Morphyre visualization & copied vis_Morphyre.dll into my plugins folder. Sure enough, it DOES automatically appear in the dropdown & I CAN select it as a visualization. Does anyone have any suggestions on why my vis_*.dll is not working in this newer version?

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