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Welcome back, Tony.

I have just downloaded Your .zip-folder. And I was already very curious to copy & paste the new presets. Unfortunately I cannot extract the .zip-folder with 7-zip, but I have looked into it. The file-names of the 19 presets are very long. Windows Vista and especially Windows 7 make problems with very long file-names. I have been forced very often to cut a file-name at the end, if I wanted to copy & paste a file with a too long file-name. I don't know, how it would behave on Windows XP.

I will simply keep the .zip-folder. And keep up Your good work!...

Edit: I have found another way. I have made a new folder with a shorter folder-name, at first standing alone in D > SabineKlare2, then I have copied the 19 presets manually, and I have moved the folder. Fortunately I was able to move the folder to the right location in Dokumente2.

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