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Auto-subtracting playlist

This is a big 'wish' item I've had for years.... and perhaps it is doable now, if some one has a suggestion, I'd be grateful...

Anyway... I like to load my entire library of 26000+tracks into one playlist, randomize it, and then play it on shuffle.... I would like a feature that would auto-remove played tracks from the playlist as it is played...

So then, at any time, I could look at the final track's number and always see a smaller number.
I could randomize the playlist at anytime and none of the played tracks would be in the 'new' playlist.
I could be sure that no track is going to be replayed, even if winamp or the computer crashes and I lose the 'recently played' in the Media Library.
If Winamp were allowed to play uninterrupted, then, approxamately 65 days later, there'd be nothing left to play and it would be done.

Whaddaya think? Is there some combination of plugins/settings that would accomplish this?

If not, I'd like that plugin please.
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