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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
I understand that you can do this. I'm not talking about the fhg encoder here. In future versions of winamp, nobody is going to want to find an old version of winamp (5.666) and install that, then install a new version of winamp on top of the old version just to bring back features due to radionomy not having rights to portions of the software that AOL used (such as fhg aac).

Windows can encode AAC-LC by default using the media foundation. I understand it can't do HE-AAC, but this is mostly not an issue. HE-AAC has much more limited use cases, and if you're encoding music (such as ripping a CD to your music library in AAC format) you probably want AAC-LC 128 bitrate or higher.

It's better to have an AAC-LC only encoder included in winamp than no AAC encoder included at all, with the only way to get an AAC encoder by downloading an old version of the software. Most users would be totally fine with just a AAC-LC encoder, and to reiterate, it's better than nothing at all.
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