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Headphone Controls

-A List of Plugins: None
-PC or Motherboard make/model: Sprint EVO 4G
-CPU & RAM: Qualcomm QSD8650 (Snapdragon) with 512MB of RAM
-Sound card or chip: Unknown
-Videocard: Snapdragon
-Windows OS (including Service Pack, eg. WinXP sp2): Android 2.3.3 (CyanogenMOD 7 RC4)
-DirectX version (start > run > dxdiag): N/A
-Winamp version (eg. 5.61): 1.0.2
-Confirmation of the Winamp installation type (Pro, Full, Bundle, Lite): Android
-Have the Winamp Android Widget on one page of my homescreen.

I have a headset with an on/off button that works as a pause button in Winamp, or a Mute button in the Android Phone app. However, i discovered an odd "feature" recently of this button. I had been listening to some music, and paused my music and left Winamp. I then dialed in to a conference call in the Android default Phone app, and muted the call on screen. When I used the headset button to unmute the call, it unmuted the call, but also started playing my music again in Winamp. When I hit the headset button a second time, it paused my Winamp music again, and muted the call.

I have since found that disabling the headset control in Winamp prevents this behavior, but it also means I can't use the headset button for pausing my music anymore, which is less than perfect. Can you update Winamp so that the headset control is disabled when the user is on a phone call?
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