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"Pixels" Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak at my second pack, "Pixels". The reason that I am releasing it to the forums is so that you can give me comments and advice on the presets I have made so far and what kind of presets I should start on next (IE: DM based, SC Based, color, BW, more intense, calmer, etc.). I don't want a full review, so please don't take the time to write one. Once the pack is finished, I intend to combine presets from this pack and my first pack, "As Seen On TV", and release them all in one pack on and, most likely also titled "Pixels".

There are 15 presets so far, but I don't know what the final number will be (at least 25). In addition, I have included an image that will probably serve as the thumbnail on Winamp and DevArt. The released pack will contain at least 40 presets from "As Seen On TV" and "Pixels". It will be fully commented, and the order of presets is definitely subject to change.

Finally, please post any remixes from either this sneak peak, or from "As Seen On TV", to be included in the released pack. Thanks!

EDIT: These presets are NOT zipped into a folder.
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