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I figured out a way, thats simple, but it wont be easy all the way through

Here's the easy part

Main:Clear every frame(unchecked)

Set to spectrum, center, lines, color:white(or any color of your choice)

Trans/movement:x=x+1/22500(this number is important: 60{number of seconds in a minute} times 30 {number of minutes in a half hour(the time you want history recorded for)} time 12.5{the lowest frame rate I can get when I move my windowed performance all the way to the right}

Now, the harder part is, this wont work unless the resolution of your AVS window is lower/equal to whatever number is in x=x+1/?, meaning you need to either 1. get a giant screen to display this on, or 2. use a really crappy processer/cpu/whatever, or bog down your computor to get the frame rate down consistently under 1 fps, then, you only need a screen resolution of 1800(still pretty large though)

luckily, the larger you make your screen resolution, natrually, the lower your frame rate, so you can just keep making the avs window bigger untill it works
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