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Hello Evet,

I have renamed 2 .jpg-files in Your pack to "braggadocio_by_flexi.jpg" and "fractaled_lifeforms.jpg", so that I myself can keep the default 21 textures in my collections, which come also with the Winamp Installer.

Also I myself had renamed 4 required textures to 1_orig, 2_orig, 3_orig, devboxb_orig and moved them to unselectedmore, and I use replacement textures for 1,2,3, devboxb. And I use replacement textures for terrainalien, terrainvolcano, terrainxmas, because I didn't find the required textures yet, which are used by some of the Halfbreak Presets. But somehow the replacement textures are perfect.

I don't know yet, when can I find enough time to test the many presets in Your pack, but at first I could read the codes with Notepad++, and Notepad++ has helped me a lot, before I have copied and pasted a preset in Winamp.

Currently I am focussed on additional random textures, desktop wallpapers and Komodo backgrounds, and I am getting new ideas very often. With 3516 random textures the performance is very various...

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