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However it should be more responsive to music beats
In analog days a VU was meant to show the smoothed volume. It allowed the user to control the recording volume such as to avoid overranging and distortion. The mechanical inertia of the needle, its air drag and magnetic drag did the smoothing. I tried to replicate this from my memory, and calibrated it to a full scale range of 0 dB.

Music should be calibrated but unfortunately often is not. Many online radio stations do not care, some can hardly be heard, others blow your ears off. The shitty VU as it is tries to display the real volume. If a station is rather silent, the needle hardly moves. This could be changed, of course, by some sort of auto gain control but I don't feel like it. And I must say I have become a bit allergic to the term "responsive" which seems to be another way to say brainlessly-jumping-and-flashing-in-my-face.

Also how could we create a better background for it ?
The straight way is to use a static picture. If poweramp does not support it, the only alternative is by using lines and shapes. But it is very difficult to draw numbers and characters using lines, and it needs a lot of CPU because all the lines need to be re-drawn every frame. It would suck the battery empty just to show a few characters on the screen.

You might try one thing: Maybe poweramp understands more common image formats such as jpg. Use a picture editor and reformat nova_slika.png to .jpg, and try whether that works. I think not however.


Edit: The Klanghelm page says they accurately modelled the behaviour of a real VU but I cannot do this because I do not have a real VU handy, and it would be a lot work to measure and model it. Anyway, attached a version which is a bit faster and possible more "responsive".
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