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Now I myself have 100% of the capacity full. If I will find a new and very good album artwork on SoundCloud, then I will replace at first the worst texture in a sprite. I want to keep the best Artist Logo Profile Picture, the Nebulas and the Dark Matters. Only the worst images could disappear from my sprites some day.

But of course it was neccessary to work on new .txt-files and on official configuration files, so that at least they could work with the attachements immediately. I have given inspirations for a future Milkdrop Version (and for a future Winamp Version). I have updated also my instructions, because I have added 2 more subfolders to the Milkdrop2 folders in the software folders Winamp on my PC and notebook.

The sprite-hungry presets have returned into the presets folders. Sometimes they need only 1 sprite, sometimes also 2 sprites, because without a sprite they do nothing. Sometimes I also hit CTRL + K, and then I try another sprite with the preset.

In the thread about the Star Forge Presets I have mentioned already sky2.jpg, made with IrfanView. In 2 other downloaded packs I had found also prayerwheel2.jpg, but only these 2 new textures look fine, and I have previewed also the other 19 standard textures in IrfanView (please don't try to edit them). And because I wanted to make a pack with 24 textures and not with 23, I have added also moss1.jpg as 24th texture, because I have the feeling, it will be needed very often in the future.

4 images exist twice, but it is very useful, that their filenames begin with "logo" and with "sprite", because maybe future presets will exist some day, which will pick up images from image groups randomly, directly from the subset "logo" or from the subset "sprite".

For the images with the words I have used Paint.NET. I was able to figure out the font in the downloaded image. With Paint.NET I have made also the negatives as final .png-files. For the Edge Detection Versions (Effects) as final .jpg-files I have used IfranView. For the letters I have used the same size and mostly I have needed 3 tries until I had the word 100% central. I recommend only between 5 and 7 letters, for some of the words also 4 letters could be possible. But for 8 letters and above I would need another size.

Of course also I myself don't know how to make a photo-friendly Star Forge Preset with a random texture selection, and I have been asked for that. But at least I have tested these presets together with many other presets, and my official sprites will look fine for the most of them. And if this is not enough, then I suggest to test also the 185 DLG Presets.

I want to leave the pack with the 24 textures and the pack with my official configuration files, but also the pack with my unofficial configuration files, because I don't want to see them lost in case something could happen. I recommend to use only my official configuration files, because a sprite will not appear, if its required texture is not in the textures folder.

I hope, I have made some good textures basic sets. Many other required textures are around the forums, many others are still missed, and I got some of the presets working only with replacement textures. But I am working also on many additional random textures and wallpapers, especially with big different subsets of images. And I will be happy, if all that can be used some day.

Now I have to continue with my photos, photo-edits, artwork, with many new ideas. I wish You all the best and hopefully You will like my works...
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