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I am back in this thread now. And I have added some more presets from the other pack in the other thread, because they have another filesize, and they really look a little bit different. All versions are very good.

I have mentioned, that the textures "terrainalien", "terrainvolcano", "terrainxmas" didn't have been provided by Halfbreak. But also "sattilt" and "skull" didn't have been provided by Evet, possibly everything as .jpg-files. Again I have found good replacement textures on my harddrive, in this case these are downloaded non-squared images, which had been mirrored only vertically, not also horizontally (I have images, which are mirrored to all 4 canvas and to all 4 corners). And because the original of "blulips.jpg" didn't fit my taste (sorry!), I have choosen a .jpg-file in 500x500 pixel from a former SoundCloud-Track, a galaxy in Magenta and Blue, with similar colors, as "saturation gamma 050 version".

But of course I wish to see the originals of "terrainalien", "terrainvolcano", "terrainxmas", "sattilt", "skull" provided in the forums in case they would really exist, and I think, they could exist, otherwise the presets for these required textures would not have been made.

Yepp, with 4420 images in the textures folders I cannot get bored...

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