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Great to see some one putting some effort here, I have used MD for a VJ source for some
time and having other peoples files to read was a real challenge. to get ideas

send me a PM and i will shoot you some of the stuff i have made up, it may or may not be of interest

Also long ago there was a 3rd Party app which created script files a bit easier than using notepad

Originally Posted by Sabine Klare View Post
Now I have only a few minutes remained.

But yesterday I made 12 new images, today the next 4, also I have added 4 older images to my pack. They have 1024x1024 and 980x980 pixel.

And I have added 8 new sprites to my configuration file, they also can be combined each other. Now only 33% of the places for sprites are free yet. I leave my updated .txt-file for You.

I didn't test them yet, but based on [img12], [img23], [img47] I am sure, they could look fine. And I myself had made the images.

As next I want to create my own Space Nebula Images for different usages, square and non-square. Also I want to know, how the Artist Logo Profile Pictures can be done.

Now many thanks to all the musicians, DJs, netlabels on YouTube, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Facebook etc. for the inspirations...
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