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Hello hakanh and Fumbling_Foo,

the idea for this thread is very good.

It is very difficult to say which presets are my favourites. I know only, many Martin Presets are very good. I love especially all presets from the Everlands (Massif Central, Inferno and Badlands), and I would like to see new presets from there.

But I myself like also those presets very much which use "sampler_rand_00" and "texsize_rand_00" in their codes, in the sections "warp" or "comp". Then each random texture has the chance to appear. I have over 5000 random textures now, 5009, and it will continue.

But if "Martin - Pixies Party v2" will come out some day, then it will be very difficult for me to make again some preset-edits. On my notebook from 2011 (Win 7) I cannot edit the presets. Because I cannot update IrfanView there, I didn't try that with Winamp. At least I got the Sprites running. And on my PC from 2009 (Vista) I get a blackout on the screen more often than in the past, if I try to edit a preset or watch a preset again and again, but it happens also, if I want to look into my old Firefox History or if I add Firefox-Bookmarks manually. And then I have to use the "Turn-Off"-Button. Maybe my PC is already very old.

Oh no, if at first my PC will die and later also my notebook, then I will have no computer and no Winamp anymore. Because our incomes have become worse and worse over the years, it will be very difficult for me to buy a new computer, and then it will be Windows 10, if I will experience Windows 10 ever and not be already in the other dimensions.

Whatever will happen, Winamp & Milkdrop should continue...

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