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Originally posted by Twilightseer
Interesting, what's it like ? I considered buying it for cheap (PS2) but I'm not sure I'd like it. What genre is it exactly ?
It's not really a single genre. Basically, you can choose whether you'd like to play it as a 3D shooter (not as much action as you'd be accustomed to if you've played other shooters) or as stealth game (much like Thief or Splinter Cell). It has certain RPG elements too. For instance, there's a LOT of text you can read, (don't have to) like newspapers that are lying all over the places and you can interact with every character in the world, sometimes resulting in dialogs with multiple-choice answers. Another RPG element is that your character (JC Denton) is a nano-augmented agent and, as such, has about 11 or so different skills. While playing the game you earn skill points you can use to improve your skill levels, allowing you to hack computers faster (yep, you can hack computers ), be more proficient with a handgun etc.

I personally really like Deus Ex. It uses the UT 1 engine IIRC, so the graphics aren't top notch anymore, and the controls feel kinda different (hard to describe), but the story is pretty cool and the game has a really nice atmosphere. I really recommend playing it, especially when you can get it as cheap as you say.

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