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I have "Stereo Mix" back, and finally also the volume mixer works correctly and shows the right icons (before installing the driver it had shown the wrong icons). Another friend had problems with the live-broadcast via the Mixlr-App, when she wanted to play from the harddrive (and not via the SoundCloud-API). She heard the music in Winamp, we all saw in her Mixlr-Profile, that the broadcast was running, but we heard no sound. We all think, this is the same problem, she has no "Stereo Mix"...

In the shop they had edited the username of my PC, at home I had renamed my PC itself (with a reboot). The PC-name is shown correctly now, but the file-path for the username-folder still stays wrong, and I cannot edit it. I have to add a further user, and I have my pseudonym...

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