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For anyone else reading this thread....

1\ The "missing" stereo mix is due to the basic Microsoft installer being used. Vista and Win7 will attempt to install basic working drivers for any hardware found.
2\ Download the latest "HD Audio Codec Driver" from Realtek's website. Can't post the link here as it is a Taiwanese website. www dot realtek dot com dot tw
3\ Install latest driver from web. Reboot.
4\ Go into the Audio Control panel and display the "Disabled Devices" as per this:

There is no "conspiracy" to kill this feature. It is just the average home user doesn't have a clue what it is. So lesser used features are hidden.


Oh - and for anyone else wanting to put their Documents\Music\Videos\etc folders onto a different drive you don't need symbolic links. The ability to move these folders are built into the Windows OS - Vista, Win7 and I guess Win8. Just RIGHT CLICK the Documents folder and use the Location tab to tell Windows where you want the folder moved to. This option will even move the files for you. This works for all of the non-hidden folders in C:\User\

Please look at the attached image. All you need to do is edit the path in the box, or use the Move button.
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