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I have written 2 new notices in Facebook (musician-page & personal profile) and 2 new blogs in This is one of them:
If You have suggestions how to make my descriptions better, please let me know that, and I will try to edit my blog and notice.

I have less add-ons & scripts in Firefox & Chrome now to have the right overview, but incl. Greasemonkey & Stylish in Firefox, together with the right scripts. It is very important for me to scrobble from the music-platforms in Firefox & Chrome.

My Firefox is transparent again. I have made 24 new screenshots, and I have uploaded them in Facebook and imported them to Photobucket. I have uploaded the same photo-album also in Picasa / Google+. Picasa Webalbums has created a very beautiful .gif-image (I have moved it to a new photo-album):

I have decided, that Winamp 5.7 Beta should have less 3rd-party-plugins. Some other good visualizer and the Winamp Essentials are in Winamp now. Once I had also ImageAmp and Image' In Winamp as 3rd-party-plugins. The Real Player will do this job now (Windows Media Player manages everything very confusing). I have copied some special image-folders from "SabineKlare2" > "Bilder2" also to "Sabine Klare" > "Pictures", for the slideshows and because MAGIX Video Deluxe 17 Premium (incl. Screenrecorder) will look only into my username-folder incl. subfolders and not into my folders on D.

After I had a long break to let Antivir do the scan, I will reinstall also my other software, and Traktor Pro cannot touch my MP3s in "SabineKlare2" > "Musik2" on D, only my WAVs in "Sabine Klare" > "Music" on C (with the wrong file path, but hacking the registry of AppData or my whole username-folder is full of risk).

At least my PC is working fine and faster again (for a long time my PC became slower and slower)...

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