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It seems, the same thing is happening to Frank's PC now, and then the new topic will be:
Ground Zero on Frank's PC

I have searched some other posted links from another topic.
I think, the first link has to do something with Windows XP:
I myself have Windows 7 only on my notebook, on our PCs we have Windows Vista:
I had inserted the DVD, but it didn't help, my PC had to be brought to the service shop:
A system restore can help, I did that once also on Frank's PC, but the last time it didn't help anymore on my PC:
I had some forced Chkdsk, from 2012-2013. Maybe that's a very good idea for Frank's PC:

The exit-crash "Firefox has stopped working" with the fault modul name xul.dll appears on Frank's PC now very often, and he has never installed Firefox-Add-Ons. And he has also the non-respondings of his Firefox and many script-errors very often since many days. I myself use less browser-add-ons and less 3rd-party-plugins now...

Especially, if we have no money now, I will have to pay very much again. I know already how to bring back "Stereomix" also to Frank's PC. But then I don't want to see "Frank Klane" instead of "Frank Klare" on his PC, of course. On my notebook I am really "Sabine Klare" and not "Sabine Klane"...

PS, actually just a normal maintenance was planned for his PC in order to remove the dust...

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