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Maybe some shops in Berlin also still sell computer with Windows 7, for example M.BATMAN ELEKTRONIK. This service shop is only 2 U-Bahn-Stations away from us. They repair many PCs and notebooks each day, but they don't do something with the reflection of harddrives, and I think, virusses would be reflected, too.

Reinstalling Windows and replacing a harddrive, it is very harmless, if I compare that with a fire in a house or an apartment. January 2006 Frank and I had experienced a water damage because of a pipe-break in the apartment above, but June 2012 my mother had experienced a fire in her apartment, and all drawings & paintings of my father had been destroyed. I had been interested in this topic already some weeks ago, not knowing yet, what would happen to my mother's apartment soon. But good to know, that somebody can still buy a new computer with previous Windows Versions, for example Windows 7, if this person has lost the computer. Losing all photos, master-recordings, drawings & paintings etc. is more terrible.

I have installed CCleaner and hijackthis on Franks PC. I have deleted over 2.3 GB trash, and I have checked his PC, I have also visited His PC is not faster after my actions, but it still works.

As long as our router still works, we still use it, but if it doesn't work anymore, we need to pay a lot of money again.

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